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Watch: Sky Arts ‘Postcard from the Future – Northern Ireland’ with Paul McVeigh

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Free With Words September retreat tutor, Paul was commissioned to represent Northern Ireland as part Postcards From the Future, part of Sky Arts: Art 50, in a series of pieces that were performed at London’s Barbican Centre.

In his performance, Paul imagines a future where Northern Ireland, a place defined by borders, even within its cities. With four counties out of a six county state voting Remain and a ruling party that was pro Leave, Brexit was the final straw for a people kept stuck within boundaries and tribalism by its politicians, who regularly ignored their rights and votes.

In Paul's imagined future Northern Ireland's forward thinking people look back at the whole idea of nationalism as a barely-believable thing of the past.

A week of shows from the initiative are currently being aired on Sky Arts, including new works from many artists, including Simon Armitage, John Godber, Nitin Sawhney, Lemn Sissay and AL Kennedy.

Watch Paul’s piece here.

Paul will be the workshop tutor at the Free With Words writers retreat in Italy from September 7-14, find out more here.

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