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Do you feel you have a book inside? Have you tried to write a book, but found yourself at a dead end? Are you a writer-in-progress who needs help to shape your work? No matter where you are on your writing path, at Free With Words, we’re here to help.

Whether you come on one of our retreats, or work one-to-one with us to shape your book, you'll find the support you need on your writing journey.


At Free With Words we want to help free the writer inside, to give you the tools and support to get your words out, to help you bring your unique and fascinating story

to the world.


Our experience of writing fiction, non-fiction and memoir, of working with publishers to help other people write their books, and of teaching the craft of writing, is something we want to share. That’s because we believe in the joy of writing, and the power of words to transform lives. We're here to help set your writing free.



At a Free With Words retreat we provide you with everything you need to free your writing in locations that are sure to inspire.


We provide brilliant tutors, great workshops, insight into the publishing world, invaluable support and feedback, the company of likeminded souls, wonderful food and wine, and most important of all, the space and the freedom to write.

No matter where you are on your writing journey, you’ll find the inspiration, motivation and support to free your own voice at a Free With Words retreat.


With bestselling novels, memoirs and non-fiction under our belts, we know what it takes to write a book.


We offer a three-tiered service, from full ghostwriting to one-to-one mentorship programmes, which provide the inspiration, structure and practical support to help

you craft your book.


No matter what you’re writing, we believe everyone has the ability to tell their stories. Sometimes we need tools to help set our stories free. At Free With Words

we provide those tools.

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