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Free With Words Tutor Gets Faber & Faber Position

Award-winning novelist and short story writer Paul McVeigh has been appointed to a teaching role at the highly respected Faber Academy, which was created by publishers Faber & Faber to nurture new writers.

Commenting on his appointment, Paul said, "I'm honoured to working for one of the most prestigious publishing houses in the world on a course that has also produced bestselling authors in every genre."

Paul's first course with the Faber Academy, 'Writing a Novel: The First 15,000', for advanced writers, will begin in June.

Paul will be joining us for six days and seven nights at the Free With Words writers retreat, working closely with aspiring and professional writers, in Arezzo Tuscany from September 7-14, 2019, to help shape their work.

Find out more here.

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