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Your Story,

Your Book

Have you ever thought your story would make a great book?   

Some of the biggest-selling memoirs are not by celebrities, but by ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Are you one of those people? Maybe you want to have a book for posterity, so that future generations of your family will know your story. Or do you have a non-fiction book you’ve always wanted to write, but never had the time?

Maybe it's time to get ghosted!


Ghostwriting is a bespoke process in which you are interviewed over a number of sessions. Your book is then written by a professional who knows how to craft the words and structure to make your story shine. At the end of the process, you have your very own beautifully-written book, either to submit to publishers or to self-publish.

Having ghostwritten bestselling and award-winning memoirs and non-fiction books, for celebrities and professionals, we know how to get a book from interview to the page. We also offer a whole process from beginning to end, working with designers for your cover and e-publishing your book.


Some reviews of our ghostwritten books:


“It’s a racy, real-life story, that many times veers very close to the bone for some. It is in essence an overdose of reality, as well as a cracking good read.”

Irish Independent


“A frank, moving and engaging account. . . a personal and original approach to living with lifelong illness.”

The Sunday Times


“A book in which she isn't afraid to present herself as complex, flawed, challenging and difficult, as well as opinionated, unpretentious and honest on topics as diverse as her career, religion, parenting, death, sex, love and ageing.”

 Irish Independent


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